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Tony received his training from ComedySportz in Los Angeles. Since then, he has since studied the works of Keith Johnstone, Mick Napier and Viola Spolin. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Fancy Hobo Improv, a live-streaming improv company, airing shows every weekend. He's performed all over Los Angeles and Orange County with Fancy Hobo Improv, Hazards & Hijinks: D&D Improv, The Genre ShowFancy Cookin': An Improvised Musical, The Friday Society, Safety Safari Improv, and Late Night Leftovers.

He has won the 2013 Orange County Improv Cup with his team, The Batmanitees, placed 2nd the following year with his team, Bang! Orangutans.

fancy hobo improv

Fancy Hobo Improv is a live-streaming, multi-media improv company located in Southern California founded in 2005 by Tony Torrico and Rob Ferreras. 

Currently, Fancy Hobo runs live-streamed improv shows every Friday and Saturday night at 8PM PT, offers Classes in Improv Fundamentals and focused Workshops, produces Sketches, and more. 

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