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On to CalArts!

First, some context:

For years, I've spent most of my adult life floating around from project to project. Somewhere around the time I was unhappily employed at a law firm, I decided to let art rule my life. While working there I began working with a new musical project, FESTE. I wrote our debut album, First Folio, and had decided to commit to creating more. I left that job like a bad habit and went back to work slinging coffee in the wee hours of the morning. I amped up my performance life by having concerts for FESTE, doing more plays and musicals, and re-debuted Fancy Hobo Improv, the musical improv troupe my best friend and I started in '04. 

Around then, I became unhappy with my own performance abilities and decided it was best to add school back into the mix. I became a student at Fullerton College and finished up my GenEd courses while studying musical theatre. Time came and passes, as did shows, and it finally came time to transfer. So, I sent out a few applications to some notable schools and decided to let the dice roll. 


The audition process was grueling and stressful, to say the least. USC, CalArts, Rutgers, Juilliard and NYU Tisch all stood as judge as I travelled between them trying to pour my heart out in the audition rooms. Some moments were so glorious and brought me to tears when I did well. When I failed, it felt like my spirit was shattered. I learned a lot about who I am as an artist and what worked and what didn't. 

Decision Time

As luck would have it, I was able to secure a spot at a place that felt both comforting and challenging. I had a shiny package in the mail that had "CONGRATULATIONS" written on it in enormous letters. I was beyond elated and through a tumultuous decision time, I finally accepted a spot in the California Institute of the  Arts' BFA in Acting program. 

I'm beyond excited to get to work in this intense, experimental program and I can't wait to find so many incredible opportunities waiting there for me. 

Looking Forward:

I can't say whether or not this will help my career, but I can stay hopeful with eyes wide open. Life has dragged me in some inane directions. But I've learned so much. I've learned to keep working. I've learned to be professional. I've learned that my life is about art and I have to give it everything my body and mind are capable of. 

So here I am about to start another insane adventure. Full steam ahead. 

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